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Giant 3 x 11 foot Chart of Bonuccelli Lineage and History

At the request of some relatives, I've made a printed graphic version of the giant Bonuccelli family chart so it's easier to see how everyone is connected to everyone else without surfing through webpages one at a time. Be forewarned, however, there's a mountain of information here - therefore the smallest I could get the chart to output professionally is at three foot by twelve foot size. The chart is black and white, with all the Bonuccellis in Italy, USA and beyond that I've been able to connect to the earliest Bonuccelli descendant in 1250. Also on the chart is the crest of Camaiore, the crest of Montecastrese, the two crests of the family Bonuccelli, and a general map of the Camaiore/Montecastrese area.

If you'd like me to print you a chart and send it to your location, please just send me an email and I'll be happy to get right on it! The printing at Kinko's and mailing is not the cheapest thing in the world, so I'm asking for $49 per chart, which includes the poster roll and shipping within the USA. After you order a chart it usually just takes me a day or two to get it in the mail.

Also, I've created a text only version of the giant family list, without the added crests and info, which you can download by right-clicking HERE. This is .pdf file which is around 50 pages long, but at least you can peruse the listings and search for names in one massive text file.

Also available are photo reprints of any images on this site, including crests, shots of Camaiore or the pages with Bonuccelli ancestors written in old Italian. Again, send me an email describing what you're interested in and I will respond to you with some prices for reprints.

Thank you for all your help! - Grazie per tutto! - Dominic AZ Bonuccelli


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