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I have an offer for you all which I think is fairly cool.
In order to create the possibility of this big reunion in late summer 2005, the Italians have formed an Association of Bonuccelli in the Lucca Province, and they recommended we do the same for Bonuccelli outside Italy, which has now come to fruition. One step in that chain is having officialized the website here at its new home:

The site is now permanently housed at the domain-name ''. The great perk about this arrangement is that i can now offer to anyone who desires it an email address which ends in ""

We can create any email address you can think of or like best - for example:

And this email address will simply forward mail instantly and directly to your home or work email box. There's no need to change any settings on your email program or browser, you simply tell me where you want the emails to forward (what your current email address is) and the new address will send the emails directly there. The advantage to this is that the "" address will always stay permanent, while your home service may change. But your clients and friends don't need to know this, because they will always be able to write simply to your "" address.

I'm setting this email forwarding up for anyone who would like it for $12 per year per address. If you want more than one or if you'd like to pass this along to your Bonuccelli relatives, no problem!
This will help pay for the domain-name registration and the web-hosting this site gets charged annually.

Write me at the email address at the bottom of the page if you're interested!!! -az


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